I just joined the wiki today, mostly for reading and writing purposes, but also for the community aspect and being able to share my work. I got into CreepyPasta when I was in 8th grade, starting with the standard pastas and eventually I even wrote some of my own. They were pretty terrible but at the time I was just another clueless 8th grader so they were the greatest thing since sliced bread to me. I may end up posting some of my CrappyPasta of the past just for kicks, but I'll probably be posting some regular Pasta's of mine as well.

Anyway, about me (even though everything I just said was about me):

•I'm not the best when it comes to public speaking or even talking in general, so writing is a way to get my thoughts out in a visible manner and even to correct myself. Ive always been a sucker for story telling and love creating characters of my own. I also draw quite a bit and have many series that I would love to see one day in the movies or on TV.

•I love horror. I haven't seen a ton of horror movies, but my love for a creepy story will never die.