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James Chapé

aka Foreigners never speak my RL name right

176 Edits since joining this wiki
November 20, 2015
  • I live in yet to be specified
  • I was born on October 9
  • My occupation is drawing, drawing, drawing....
  • I am a great Tommy Wiseau impersonator
  • James Chapé

    This blog is mostly targerted for those who know, remember or used to be involved with the site around 2014/2015, when I used to be known as The Not-So-Rude Curse Word Against a Character Timmy's Dad from Fairly Odd Parents Hates (Yeah, I clearly hate to direcly say my former user name). But if you're new here and you just want to read something about some random jerk from the internet to ramble about his personal life with others, then enjoy it. 

    From the time I used to be active on this community to nowadays, I can say I've changed a lot in some aspect. I'm not the 14 year old edgy kid who used to say plenty of nonsense and used to be desperate for attention adn recognition on a virtual environment anymore. My perspective about life, the …

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  • James Chapé

    ... and now I'm 18.

    That is supoosed to mean a lot in this moment, because hell, I'm pretty much allowed to do any ordinary adult does now.

    I'm now able to drive, fuck without being a pedophile victim, drink alcohol, go to nightclubs, travel to international destinations alone and I have to vote for now on in any elections.

    But it's been really boring so far. So could any of you cheer me up, please? I'm supposed to be happy n shit. Thanks in advance

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  • James Chapé

    This day, January 1st 2016, the shutdown of thsi wiki's chat completes his first anniversary. 

    What has changed since then? After an entire year has passed, what are the conclusions about the wiki's status? What do you expect for this year, on this wiki?

    These are all questions you can think about and answer them on this blog's comment section, if you want to.

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