Not that anyone will actually care, and not that this is something I'm only starting, but I'm not gonna be around for a while. I just thought that since, if my memory hasn't gone sour, Frank N. Furter made a blog about leaving. He was actually worth caring about, but I have a ego higher than Dix, who finds it necessary to post on everything he sees. waiting for your comment, Dix

I've already been away since the Dark Humor contest ended, so this isn't anything new, but I found that I have some time to make a blog about it. I just feel shitty all around -- I lost my motivation to write and I read significantly. Which is shit because those are the things I loved above all else, and still do. I just can't bring myself to edit any stories and I definitely do not feel like writing. I may be back in a week, though I doubt it; I may be back in a month, hopefully; or I may be gone for a year, and if so, then I don't think I'll feel like going back to the wiki. But that's unlikely.