aka JackLuiFaMa

  • I live in ur hous, drinkin ur sodah.
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is Part-time jackass
  • I am a Gameboy
  • JacksonLuigiFanMan

    Uh, hi?

    August 14, 2014 by JacksonLuigiFanMan

    Okay, I am JacksonLuigiFanMan, and my real name is... confidential, sorry to say, because I like my internet privacy. I like the MLP:FiM fanbase because they can produce some really cool stuff, in my opinion. I'm also a big fan of MSPaintAdventures, especially Homestuck. I don't actually read creepypastas all that often due to my overactive imagination being very fond of putting creepypasta characters in my head, like I also sometimes feel like BEN or the Slenderman could be around any corner at night, as stupid as that is. I was actually introduced to creepypasta by the comments section of an unlisted Majora's Mask video that mentioned BEN. I then proceeded to look him up and read his pasta and, well, thats pretty much it. I re…

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