Lesson One: Creating a Creepypasta

Look to the top right corner and you'll see "Contribute".

Click it, then click on "Submit a Story".

Enter the title and choose "Blank Page".

After that, make sure your pasta is not one of these. And after doing that, make sure your pasta meets the Quality Standards of the wiki. Your pasta must meet those in case you want it to stay in this wiki, otherwise, it goes here or here.

Lesson Two: Wall Pastas

Whenever you make your pasta somewhere else than wikia's editor (like Notepad, Microsoft Word, Pastebin and etc), there's a high chance of it coming out as a wall while copying and pasting it into here.

How to avoid that? Use source mode.

If your vision works properly, you'll probally see "Source" next to "Visual", next to your pasta title.

Activate it by clicking on it, and paste your pasta.

Your pasta will probally come out fine...unless you don't know what the Enter key does and make your entire pasta in one paragraph, OR, you didn't add an extra line break, which is needed between the paragraphs.

Kudos to Callie for reminding me of that.

Lesson Three: Chat

Chat is the home of people who can't make friends in real life the place where you can talk with other users in real time.

Also know as "The Crack Corner".

Before you join, please read our Chat Rules to avoid any problems and embarassement.

Also, when you join, if people are talking about reproductive organs or anything that has nothing to do with Creepypastas, don't be alarmed. This is how smart people in the internet are.

Lesson Four: Blog Posts

Whenever you want to show the world stuff that you created that isn't a creepypasta, for the love of Cheesus Crust, use the blogs, and not pages.

If you click on your own name on the top right corner, it will take you to your profile. Click on "Blog" and "Create a Blog Post" and there, you can write stuff about yourself.


  • Your OC.
  • Your favorite pastas.
  • Your favorite games.

Just, remember to not write blogs with one sentence.

Example: creating a blog that only says "Hi".

Oh, and before I forget...DON'T POINTSGAME.

Pointsgaming is the act of making unconstructive edits to get badges, who actually don't do shit.


That's all for now, kids.