55. If you're looking for old games on outdated consoles, refrain from going to garage sales, flea markets, or anything of the sort. ESPECIALLY don't buy it from an old man that tells a creepy story behind the game. eBay was invented for a reason.

56. If you're being stalked by a cryptid and two masked guys, then it's best you skip town and refrain from posting your locations on YouTube.

57. Do NOT, under any circumstances, type or say "candlejack." nothing good will co

58. If you're buying something that used to belong to someone who comitted suicide, then it's best that you don't buy it. Don't even touch the item of consideration.

59. If something is supposed to happen in a TV show that doesn't happen, for instance an intro not appearing, then it's best you discontinue the episode and watch one that was on TV.

60. It it's drawn in a hyper-realistic style, has music playing in reverse, or characters have red around the iris , then it's not worth watching. Turn on some other show.