[January 2, 2012]

BEN came to my friend's dream. He had a dream of the Happy Mask Salesman. He wasn't sure what he said, because he just kept saying "LEAVE ME ALONE". Then, BEN came into the dream as the Elgy Statue, spawning directly behind Rafael, my friend. The rest of the dream he does not remember, in fact, he doesn't remember the first part very well, other than what I recorded. The last thing he remembers is waking up, with his computer screen on, after he shut it down for the night. On it, Microsoft Word was opened without his knowledge.

"You shouldn't have done that..." were the words on the screen. Rafael nearly fainted. Scared to touch the computer, he unplugged it via the electrical socket, then continued to turn on his Xbox 360. We played Call of Duty until I had to go do some laundry. I haven't heard from him since.