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    FAQ Because I'm Vain

    September 14, 2016 by JFSindel

    "Hey, J.F Sindel!" as I imagine the wildly rabid fan calls out to me who just adores everything I write, even if I write it in a half drunk stupor.

    "What? Oh. Right. Alias. Or pseudonym, as the great writers call it. More like DON'T "sue-the-name"." I reply back and this rabid fan blinks at me but he loves my puns because everyone loves my puns. Even the bad ones (but secretly there are no bad puns).

    The wildly rabid fan, as he worships me because I clearly would never type a word like "pseudonym" into Google for a spell check because I am just so good with words, wants to ask me questions that BILLIONS of fans from the Earth over have demanded answers to and he was the lucky one who got to ask me.

    1. Where do you get your inspiration?

    Back of…

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    Formal Introduction

    August 21, 2016 by JFSindel


    So I see some of my stories have gotten around. I haven't formally introduced myself.

    I'm a writer from San Antonio, Texas, and I write stories that often feature Texas, namely South Texas. The reason being is that I prefer to use real life locations so one could pull them up on a map. 

    Many stories contain elements of realism. 

    Please let me know if you enjoy/hate my stories or if you created any sort of media with them. I'm quite interested in how people apply thoughts and ideas. The best thing about realistic stories is how people are able to accurately intergrate themselvs into the story with a wide net of variation. 

    You will also find that there is plenty of stories that feature female leads so ladies, don't be afraid of owning tha…

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    September 1, 2014 by JFSindel

    ...some new stories out.

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