Okay, for all of those admins out there, there should totally be a 'Clowns' category. There are tons of pastas including clowns. 


  1. Clowns
  2. Clowny
  3. Bubby the Clown
  4. Laughing Clown
  5. Mr. Funny
  6. Mr. Clown, Dream intruder
  7. Clown in the Window
  8. Birthday Clown
  9. Happy the Clown
  10. The Clown, the Paint, and the Turbines
  11. The Sims: Sonny the Tragic Clown
  12. He Does Birthdays
  13. The Creeping Horror
  14. Day of the Dead Clown

Okay, so, that should be all... actually I think there are more clown pastas.

I suggest that one of the admins makes a clown category.

Vote in the comment section.



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