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aka Mike/Mcrfan343

  • I live in Galifrey
  • I was born on November 29
  • I am your fucking nightmare.
  • Iwillkillyou333

    I have returned!

    January 9, 2014 by Iwillkillyou333

    Hello ladies and gentlemen.

    I, Iwillkillyou333, have returned from a long haitus, ready to write some pastas!

    Anybody miss me? Of coure not, what am I saying?

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  • Iwillkillyou333

    Eternal Torment

    I did something different, never done before on this site. It's a death metal song (but it can be a death metal poem too). Ya'll wanted originality, so I delivered. Hope you enjoy it.

    I'll get a story pasta in sometime this week or the next, soon as I get rid of this stupid writer's block.

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  • Iwillkillyou333

    I didn't know that was possible until I decided to change my preferences. We can make it look similiar to WIkipedia/Uncylopedia, well the old versions of them since they have changed their layout style.

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  • Iwillkillyou333

    I did. It was after reading the story Eyeless Jack for the first time, and listening to MrCreepyPasta's narration of it. One night I suddenly woke up from my dream, and for some reason I thought Eyeless Jack was beside my bed. When I flash my Iphone light around my room? I saw nothing. It was probably just my mind being weird.

    Anyways, did you have a similiar experience?

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  • Iwillkillyou333

    Nice to meet ya'll

    November 24, 2012 by Iwillkillyou333

    Glad to be part of the Creepypasta wiki. I hope to make some new stories and meet some nice people. Anybody mind giving me a tip to becoming a good contributor here?

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