• IosueW

    Now I know...

    October 30, 2012 by IosueW

    [Forenote: this is not a story, this is a reflection and a theory] Now I know some of you will assume as I'm writing this, here goes another one; I'm about to describe what has effected me in times to come and kid you not, it's been a frequent occurance in my life up to right about now and I swear I've been more affected by it in the past few years, so without droning on any further, here goes one of what I hope, isn't my last breaths.

    As a young child I was always afraid of the dark and it's to no surprise; without light present in the room, my eyes drift into unease as everythings becomes something different... lets say I leave my room as it could be, in a normal state of disrepair, books clambered everywhere, a couple of robes or tossed …

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