I would love to see how people create and design their characters and the stories they have from this blog! I am an artist myself and I'll share one of mine here:


The Hangman

Name: The Hangman

Type of Pasta: Vengeful Ghost/Spirit

Age: Looks to be in his late 20's

Distinguishing Features: Eyes are black around the iris's to show that he's one of supernatural means and brown in color

He still bears the tight suffocating markings around his neck from the noose, bloody. He also has blood dripping down from his mouth and tear ducts due to his slow agonizing death of suffocation and struggling.

Weapons: His noose around his neck

How he Kills: He uses the noose around his neck (which he snapped back in place after he came back from the dead but sometimes comes loose) to snap the neck of victims with a quick jerk or sufficate them by tightening the noose around the victims necks.

Origin Pasta: Still in editing process for a further edited and better published version of the pasta

Character Picture and Design is of my own.

Now its your turn!