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this is part of a lost episode of spongebob! The world famous squidward's suicide. i will not show the picture because it creeps me out but i will talk about it and give you all a link to the pict. have you all herd of who bob what pants well on day creepypasta got the best of me and i typed in spongebob creepypasta on google images (this is 1 link) and i saw a picture that looked like i saw it before and i remembered. you can find who bob what pants on youtube or season 5 vol. 2 dvd set the show who bob what pants(whatever happened to spongebob) and in this episode when spongebob is walking and sees a guy and says to him "is there something wrong with me" and shows a creepy image of spongebob dirty and holding his hands out with crust in his eyes and it is scary to me. that image was from squidwards suicide and i don't know why that is i just know what it is so i just wanted to share this info with you. this falls into the catagory of lost episodes.

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