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InkyEdgar February 25, 2016 User blog:InkyEdgar

​So hey there, Inky here. I'm new to the fandom and am hopefully writing a pasta soon. I have a very unique oc that I hope nobody steals the idea from >-> (lowkey watching you). I'm going to make a pasta about Edgar, a tall dark figure with grey sking and longer, nape-length curly black hair, and black sticky ink oozing from his eyes and mouth. He can turn into a mirage of a black shadowy dragon-shaped figure. Any prompt ideas? Tell me about it, it will be greatly appreciated! ;)

Its just business by cremexbutter-d7ftgwv

Inky in the woods, with an.. unexpected guest

InkyEdgar (talk) 03:21, February 25, 2016 (UTC)InkyEdgar

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