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Meet Terry

You might have read Hanging Man Hill. It's only the PotM for April 2014. Nothin' special.

A main part of the story is Terry, my chubby little rough 'n' tough friend who I went on lots of adventures with. Is he a real person? Oh, he's very, very real. Here he is.


I know. How anticlimactic. If you're stupid beyond belief, you'll know that he's


extremely dead right now. If you're an intelligent and reasonable person, you'll understand that he's alive and well.

Obviously, his real name isn't Terry and I'm not linking to his Facebook account because I don't want you idiots bombing his message box asking if he's become the most recent item on Kentucky Fried Chicken's menu. Hopefully, this was an intriguing little look into the behind-the-scenes of my story. Goodbye, mentlegen.