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It's Almost Friday - Week 1

So, I'm going to be starting a weekly blog thing every Thursday. Does anyone care? Probably not. Basically, I'm going to talk about me and the Creepypasta Wiki. Let's get started.


I've been doing... okay. Not great, honestly. If there wasn't a blog thing that I could talk to and other people could potentially talk back into but probably won't, I might go insane.

South Carolina is getting hot again. If you've never been to South Carolina and you don't know how its weather works, it goes like this:

During late Spring/early Fall, it's hot as... something very hot. During late Fall/early Spring, it's as Cold as Ice. It's willing to sacrifice our love. Heh. Song references.

There's really no middle ground to our temperatures. It's either hot as hell or chill as a cool person. I don't like it, and you probably wouldn't either. It's not fun, nor will it ever be.

The Creepypasta Wiki

There have been recent talks about the absolute bullhonky that is PotM, and if you want to check out that discussion, go here.

Did you like Hanging Man Hill? I can't... no, I can't hear you. You have to... you have to leave a message for me to know. Anyhoe, there have been radically different opinions on it. If you did enjoy it and you'd like to see more from me, here's a few ideas I've been cooking up. Heh. Pasta puns.

Two Bits: Me and my friend investigate a closed barbershop in which the barber took off a little more than "just a little off the top."

Dream Sequins: Basically the title. Yes, I know what sequins are and yes, I know that it's supposed to be "sequence." Don't be a dunderhead.

So, yeah. I hope you liked that. I'm not really sure if I'll continue doing these, but this first one was fun. Goodbye, mentlegen.