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Indef Returns Part 3: The Returnining

Hello, Mentlegen. My goodness gravy, it has been a damn long while. I dropped off of the site for a while. Again. I don't even honestly know if this is the third time I've returned. I stopped counting. I don't have a long, heartfelt reason for leaving or returning. I want to write again, and have a community of people that love me and occasionally berate me for formatting errors. I miss that. Speaking of which, I have had many a death glare pointed my way for making these as forum posts so I have downgraded its importance. I remember almost nothing about how stuff on here works.

So, if I may be forgiven for asking again (after what was probably my last or two a year ago), what's been going on recently? Death threats? Threat deaths? Somewhere in between? I'm drawing blanks here. Someone remind me who they are if you remember my baby existence. I'm sorry for leaving, friends. Hopefully I will actually stick around and not go on another farewell tour with the band.

Do I signature these? I don't think so. It says who created it.

mmmkay luv u guys thnks 4 reading

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