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How else can I contribute here (besides submitting a pasta)?

So, if you don't know me, that's because I've been here less than a month. While I've technically been here for years (without an account), I haven't had an official account until... What was it, February 8th? I think so. Anyway, I kind of see the wiki as a big ol' town in the 50's. It's just oozing with opportunity. I just dropped in, and while the town has many good things, it has bad things as well.

I'm just here, trying to make my living in Pastatown. I may even submit a pasta every once in a while, if I feel that it has potential. However, I have recognized that there are many more positions that need filling (No, I am not talking about becoming a moderator). What else could I do around Pastatown that might help along our fellow citizens? While I have a pasta in the works, I feel that there's more I could be doing to make myself known as a helpful fellow in the meantime.

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