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Existential Thoughts - Part 1

For those wondering, this is going to be a series of blogs I'll be creating whenever I feel like it because set dates are stupid. The regular text below is my actual thoughts at first, and the italicized text is my thoughts on... my thoughts.

So, I've been sitting here for the past twenty minutes staring at a clock. You get a lot of ideas when you stare at a clock. First of all, it helps you get a better sense of time. If you're smart, you'd know that you get a better sense of time because you're actually looking at a friggan clock. You get a lot of other ideas, too.

Yeah, twenty minutes. I don't have a lot to do with my time. Well, I do, but I have intense bouts of ADHD.

The next idea you get is that clocks are really meaningless if you have no concept of time or what clocks really are or their purpose. I mean, it's three little sticks moving at different rates. It has twelve number and they all go around the circle thing. Then, there's a bunch of tiny rectangles over and inbetween the numbers. 

And that's just the inside. Have you ever taken a clock off the wall, removed the screws and looked inside? I don't recommend it. Your mom yells at you.

Then, you think about- wait a minute. I've been wondering why the sticks are slightly off from the rectangles. My clock isn't quite right.

It's been nailed to the wall slightly tilted.

Now, I'm starting to realize what a fragile concept time really is. You primarily use technology to keep track of time. No one really walks outside and puts a bunch of concrete modern art in the ground anymore to watch for the shadows and track the time of day. But, if your tech is off, even by a millisecond, your time isn't right. So, in reality, you have no idea what time it really is.

Well, you have a good idea, but it's never truly accurate. No one could ever come up with the ACTUAL EXACT TIME TO THE DOT in any given location.

That might be wrong. Is technology really so advanced that we know literally what EXACT time it is?

Then, there are all these time zones. You've probably seen on a promo for a TV show when it says, "Coming June 8th, 9pm/8pm Central," or something like that. Isn't it weird to think about how time is different depending on where you are?

I mean, you've probably been told that, if you live in America, in China, it's the opposite time from what yours is right now (Ex. When it's day here, it's night there, vice versa, blah blah blah). But, isn't it strange to think that, even when you're still in America, it could be just a few minutes off from where they live compared to where you live?

Now, I'm thinking about being able to chase the sun. Not in a literal sense, by any means. It's not exactly going anywhere in the next couple of thousand years or so, at least. I mean, if you were in a plane fast enough to follow the sun around Earth's rotation, wouldn't it be theoretically possible to never experience night time? That is, if you never ran out of fuel?

I'm sure someone's done this. Don't get angry at me. These are just my thoughts being spat out onto a page.

I've now officially been staring at a clock for thirty-five minutes. How have I done it? I'm not sure. Watching a machine that is designed to consistently keep track of the time has a lot of irony when you glue your eyes to it. Because, well, it's literally been counting the amount of time in life that you've wasted staring at a clock.

That's not an embarrassing feat, really. Staring at a clock is no different from wasting your time in another non-productive way. I've clocked over 120 hours in Skyrim, three full days of gameplay for each character in GTA 5, and over fifty consecutive hours in both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. That's just four games, and that's a little over eighteen days of gameplay. That's shameful.

Now that I think about it, being fifteen, I've probably eaten up about an entire year or more of just playing games. Really. That's sad.

Alright. I'm tired now. I'm going to go to bed.

So, that's the first part of Existential Thoughts. Did it get very existential? No. Oh well. See you in the next part!