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  • Indefinitesilence

    Hello, Mentlegen. My goodness gravy, it has been a damn long while. I dropped off of the site for a while. Again. I don't even honestly know if this is the third time I've returned. I stopped counting. I don't have a long, heartfelt reason for leaving or returning. I want to write again, and have a community of people that love me and occasionally berate me for formatting errors. I miss that. Speaking of which, I have had many a death glare pointed my way for making these as forum posts so I have downgraded its importance. I remember almost nothing about how stuff on here works.

    So, if I may be forgiven for asking again (after what was probably my last or two a year ago), what's been going on recently? Death threats? Threat deaths? Somewher…

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  • Indefinitesilence

    Before someone goes and has a spaz attack, THIS IS NOT A CREEPYPASTA THAT I'M ACCIDENTALLY POSTING AS A BLOG POST. This is a retelling of actual events that happened to me that I thought some people might like to know about.

    January 21st, 2015.

    Appox. 4:30 PM EST.

    I had just arrived home from school. Home life was okay, but something odd was going on. For almost a month, we'd had a strange fly infestation. The flies would simply buzz around in circles in the middle of the room, go to sleep, and repeat. I had had enough of it. I had an electric fly racket, but it hadn't seemed to keep the number of flies down. The house was pretty clean, so I figured the only thing that they would be after was something else.

    Something dead.

    I didn't want to che…

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  • Indefinitesilence

    Hey. Dunderhead. This isn't really a story. It's a creative approach to my inner conflict SO SHUT UP OKAY.

    Hello, Samuel.

    "Huh? Who's there?"

    It's me. Your brain.


    This always seemed to happen. Even in the absolute solitude of my room, surrounded by nothing but my computer and empty packages of ramen noodles, my subconscious found a way to sneak up from behind and pester the living hell out of me.

    Sam, you need to write another pasta. It's been... what, five months? Stop being so lazy. Have you even attempted to write something, anything, since Hanging Man Hill?

    "Of course I have! It's just... they always seem to get bad reviews, and so I never actually post them on the wiki. They just slowly rot and become forgotten in the Writer's Workshop…

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  • Indefinitesilence

    Really, guys? This stuff again? It's been, like, a few days. I haven't even been gone that long. Jesus.

    So, you're all flipping out about chat shutdowns. That's all fine and dandy. I couldn't care less. Chat is a distraction for all of us who actually want to get stuff done and help a quality wiki be more... quality filled.

    It felt like, as long as I was consistently here, things were okay. Now everyone's gone and had a stroke about chat/supposed Nazi admins/rules. It's insane. Calm down, guys. It's okay. I'm back now.

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  • Indefinitesilence

    For those wondering, this is going to be a series of blogs I'll be creating whenever I feel like it because set dates are stupid. The regular text below is my actual thoughts at first, and the italicized text is my thoughts on... my thoughts.

    So, I've been sitting here for the past twenty minutes staring at a clock. You get a lot of ideas when you stare at a clock. First of all, it helps you get a better sense of time. If you're smart, you'd know that you get a better sense of time because you're actually looking at a friggan clock. You get a lot of other ideas, too.

    Yeah, twenty minutes. I don't have a lot to do with my time. Well, I do, but I have intense bouts of ADHD.

    The next idea you get is that clocks are really meaningless if you have…

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