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  • Incorrect timing

    I see you're back.

    February 2, 2014 by Incorrect timing

    Pleased to see you've come back. I apologize for the break, I do.However, it was needed. I've come back with permission to tell Fire's story, however, it won't be here. I've killed a few people in my spare time, and I'd be pleased to tell you all my methods. But I have to go and put Firette's story for you desparate children, teens, adults, whatever you are. Until next time.

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  • Incorrect timing

    Time to meet you.

    January 20, 2014 by Incorrect timing

    Hi there. I'm Incorrect Timing. Its nice to meet you. I have a story to share, however, I choose not too. If I do, she will kill me. I'm a proxy of Firette's. It's alright though, she said she won't burn me unless she needed too. I don't wanna find out what she means. My sister may though. Oh how much trouble she gets into... But if Firette burns me, I'll melt until Sis helps me. I'm Irish, with a strong accent, a ginger, and is covered in tattoos of watches, and I never take of my watch, of which has a tiger on it. Sis got it for me. My sister's name is not Sis, it is however her nickname. Her name is Kittrell. Firette calls her Kitt. I'll be back later, but as if you can read my other posts, you may be dead. Yes, I know where you are. Yo…

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