As a person, my Chinese teacher is atrocious. Ms. Hsia is disgustingly condescending, and always throws out thinly-veiled insults to belittle and abuse her students. She plays favourites like no other teacher I've ever seen, and you can easily tell when. Oh, when a Taiwanese kid or a student she admires is talking or staring at another person's paper (Namely mine) during a test, she doesn't do shit. But for any other student, be it a Mainlander or just someone she doesn't like, (Namely me) she lectures him/her harshly in front of the whole class. She labels her students, and is very judgemental. Don't be fooled by her soft voice or tiny stature.

In one instance, she interrupted one of my skits, telling my entire group that it was "torture sitting through it," forcing us to sit back down in order for the next group to be led to their slaughter. Sure, we were terrible in our own right. But did you have to be an inconsiderate bitch? No.

Thanks for the D-, and thanks for making me stand in the corner that one time I yawned during class.