Do you want the secret I have used for years just for coping? Simple. Be happy. Cute girl isn't interested? Be happy. Family member passes away? Be happy. No matter what happens, be happy. Smile. Even as you spend another night alone, even when you see the girl who could've brought you joy basking in the arms of someone else. Against your lips. Smile.

The mind is quite a powerful thing. If you keep this up long enough, maybe you can convince yourself that you're truly at peace with yourself. You can go to and from school, work, or college, and no matter what happens, you'll still be happy. Only in the early hours of morning will the truth of reality starts to sink in. Ignore it. Who's going to see through your façade when it falls at 2 in the morning? No one. God forbid they see a sad, self-loathing husk of a person behind the mask he created for himself.

But it's not a mask.

It's not a mask of a smile that keeps you up, anyone could pull that off. What this "mind over everything" stuff is true happiness, as long as you don't think about it. Day in and day out, you will be genuinely happy. You can have friends again, maybe even a girl who starts to show interest with your new demeanour. Until 2 in the morning, with no friends or cute girl to keep your mind off itself, you'll be happy. Only then will you start to remember how sad you are. You have time to think about everything in your life, and you remember why you don't deserve this happiness. But of course, the distractions come.

And you can be "happy" again.

It's 2 in the morning right now, guys.

I feel like dying.