Desensitisation is helpful to an extent, but it becomes destructive when someone does not feel an emotional response to a pathetic event. When you consider yourself "hardcore" because cruelty or abuse does not invoke emotions in you, that's when you become mentally disturbed. Being able to withstand the viewing of such explicit material is one thing, but an absence of human reaction is negligible and abhorrent. I could watch the most violent, abusive, cruelest acts known to Man unfold, but I will never stop getting angry, sad, depressed, or infuriated at the sight of them. When the time comes that I no longer respond to such hatred and crimes against humanity, will be the day I lose my humanity. If you actually think it's weak or inferior to emotionally respond at something that would naturally cause such emotions, then you are no longer a human being. You may have a human body, but you are no longer human, nor do you have any value as an individual. When you do, I'll be sincerely concerned for the wellbeing of those around you—not you, though.