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my name is imtheaura and i love this place :D

Hi im imtheaura and i come here to do some reading here if i have nothing to do on the pokepasta wiki and if i want to read some good stories here.  You may have noticed that i comment sometimes and i only do it in game/lost episode/zelda/mario/pokemon and thats cause i love games (dont even think bout talking my pokemon game away. I WILL FIND YOU) This is why i have a wiki question for an admin/mod/creator or something. just a question for now

Is a hacked game pasta okay to post or is it considdered haunted gaming?

So yeah anyways i like the pastas here! :D

they have so much creativity and i like them even if lots of people think otherwise

So i have something funny to say before i leave X3

The mayor eats you for no dicernible reason.

Imtheaura out!!!!!

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