So, I've been following this drama all morning and figured I'd share:

That seems to have been the catalyst. It led to a lot of other people coming out and accusing the Laughing Jack writer of pedophila, sexual harassment, abuse and emotional manipulation.

Here's the best source for links:

This one is particularly disturbing:

And there are people defending him:

Now, of course, there is a chance that these accusations are less than truthful. However, there are A LOT of them and they all hit on very similar themes. They're not all over the place. People like this have patterns and predilictions. Let's also keep in mind that a lot of these involve young girls crushing on their guilt-tripping idol. It makes sense they wouldn't talk about it openly until they knew they weren't alone and felt safe.

I recommend reading through some of this stuff. It's always interesting to have a portrait of someone incredibly unstable slowly start to form in your mind.

Oh, and here's someone talking about how Snuffbomb wanted her to cosplay one of his characters so they could fuck: