First, the contest results will be up by the end of the month. I'm down to the last handful. Right now, my mood alternates between mild calm and STRESS, OH MY GOD STRESS, STRESS. Processing the last dozen or so contest entries is what I'm doing in between sessions of trying to keep myself calm and distracted.

Now, that that is out of the way, today, I watched "Our Robocop Remake." I can't link to it, because it's incredibly NSFW. The most impressive scene is literally three minutes of naked dicks being graphically shot apart (if that sounds hilarious to you as it is to me, google "Our Robocop Remake Scene 27"). It's a project where around 50 different film makers each made their own version of different scenes from Robocop.

They could do anything they wanted with it. That scene where Murphy is brutally killed? One group turned it into a pretty impressive dance number. One scene was done entirely with babies. There are puppets, musical numbers, gender swaps. The plot of scenes get changed, like the scene where Robocop drifts in and out of consciousness after being constructed now involves a raucous party. Or, this hilarious scene where Robocop writes a letter to his mom and dad.

I wonder about applying the concept to creepypasta. Everyone always talks about re-writing Jeff the Killer and it always strikes me as stupid. No one would care if JtK was made better. The fans wouldn't acknowledge and I think everyone else would just kind of shrug and think, "Okay, but what about something new?". So, if we want to do something with JtK of Sonic.exe or whatever, why not do something fun with it?

It's something to consider.