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June 17, 2013
  • ImGonnaBeThatGuy

    So, a little less than a year ago, I came up with a plan to create a Jeff the Killer wiki. It would allow us to move Jeff there and also provide a home for the endless wave of spin-offs we get.

    The idea was quickly abandoned, but the wiki still sees some activity. Today, I figured it was high time to give the wiki a make-over:

    I think the fans will appreciate this new direction.

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  • ImGonnaBeThatGuy

    It's finally done. It's taken me forever, but it's done and it will never happen again. Not like this. Probably should've limited it to one entry per person. Oh well, I wanted entries and I got them and ultimately, I'm happy about that.

    More than 100 stories were submitted and I read them all (well, a few were deleted before I got to them). The bad ones, the good ones, the short ones, the long ones (oh, god, the long ones. . .). It really reminded me that the best way to learn about writing is to read. The common pitfalls that people fall into become really apparent.

    I'm sorry to say this, but I won't be giving feedback for those who requested it. I feel awful about it, but this has taken me months just to read through them all. I just can't…

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  • ImGonnaBeThatGuy

    First, the contest results will be up by the end of the month. I'm down to the last handful. Right now, my mood alternates between mild calm and STRESS, OH MY GOD STRESS, STRESS. Processing the last dozen or so contest entries is what I'm doing in between sessions of trying to keep myself calm and distracted.

    Now, that that is out of the way, today, I watched "Our Robocop Remake." I can't link to it, because it's incredibly NSFW. The most impressive scene is literally three minutes of naked dicks being graphically shot apart (if that sounds hilarious to you as it is to me, google "Our Robocop Remake Scene 27"). It's a project where around 50 different film makers each made their own version of different scenes from Robocop.

    They could do any…

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  • ImGonnaBeThatGuy

    Sorry. I thought I could get it done by tomorrow, but it's not going to happen. I didn't realize how many I still had left and it's all the long ones.  I'm currently going through a horrifyingly stressful time in my life, so I haven't had the time and, at times, I haven't had the inclination. Throw in an IRL job and on-site issues and everything is a pretty big mess.

    To be even more candid, I really screwed up with this contest. I really did. I made it way, way too big. Three entries is great for people to be able to get their work out there. It's not great for processing the results. It's a never ending pile.

    It will get done, though. It's not abandoned. Please, be understanding and bare with me.

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  • ImGonnaBeThatGuy

    DFP Contest Update

    October 26, 2014 by ImGonnaBeThatGuy

    Winners will be announced on November 1st. Maybe October 31st, just for thematic resonance, but definitely by November 1st.

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