I'm leaving for 2 weeks. I'm leaving. Not only do I not like most of the people here, but chat has reached me also. Bealux is someone I want to LEAVE. I wouldn't bother trying to talk me outta this. But I'm in sorrow, people say I'm causing "drama" in chat. When really, I'm just letting ou my feelings.

My parents are hardly ever home so I can't say a thing. If you join my wikia and read Nightmares, you'll know whats going on. My wikia is the BEN one linked with my crap uptop.

I know this was a wikia with heartless, cold, evil stories. But I didn't know that was also some users too. I used to trust this wikia, I depended on it. I tried explaining, but nobody listens. If you care about me, if you like me. You'd post here.

I won't be on for a while. I've lost sanity, sleep, the ability to eat,ect. So when I come back on, I'd like to see support.

Goodbye for now. Gamzee/BEN, out. :o(