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  • Ilovecreepypasta

    I'm leaving for 2 weeks. I'm leaving. Not only do I not like most of the people here, but chat has reached me also. Bealux is someone I want to LEAVE. I wouldn't bother trying to talk me outta this. But I'm in sorrow, people say I'm causing "drama" in chat. When really, I'm just letting ou my feelings.

    My parents are hardly ever home so I can't say a thing. If you join my wikia and read Nightmares, you'll know whats going on. My wikia is the BEN one linked with my crap uptop.

    I know this was a wikia with heartless, cold, evil stories. But I didn't know that was also some users too. I used to trust this wikia, I depended on it. I tried explaining, but nobody listens. If you care about me, if you like me. You'd post here.

    I won't be on for a wh…

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  • Ilovecreepypasta


    April 13, 2012 by Ilovecreepypasta

    I'll be gone for sometime. My grandma just died today. It's funny I predicted it'll happen today. I'll miss you and I'll try to come on once I feel better. :(

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  • Ilovecreepypasta

    Hi this is my blog,I don't own a Twitter or Facebook but I might be getting one sometime. I own a cite called BENDROWNEDYOURTURN wikia. I know there's no link. The link I use brings people to the wrong area. I'm trying to fix it so I'll add the link. The place is well set up and I already have 2 members. Feel free to join!!

    P.S. You'll love it. ;-)

    Some of you have been asking me if I'm a brony. Well,I am. I've already finished season 1 and I'm starting in on season 2. Any of you a brony? Let me know. If there are ANY of you who hate MLP:FiM,don't say anything rude to offend a brony like me. Thanks.

    My wikia is clearly about BEN. I've got many stories,I've got the real story,pictures,videos,ect. Two of my members haven't come on in a while so I…

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