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Iffyguy February 25, 2014 User blog:Iffyguy

Hey everybody! I have an idea for two new category ideas. One is "Short", the other is "Long".

Now, you guys might be all "WOOOOW HE'S AN IDIOT", but I think these would be good categories. They would help direct people looking for longer scares or quick fixes. Now, one argument I can imagine people making is "How do we distinguish short from long?" Well, come on. It's pretty obvious most times. For example, a Pasta I just stumbled across, "The Pass", could be listed as "Long". It's not the longest Pasta I've ever read, but it would fit. Another, "They came from nowhere", would fit inside "Short". True, some may blur the line, and it really depends on the reader to judge length, but I think some brainstorming could turn this into a legitimate idea!

Leave a comment with your thoughts on this.

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