Alright, this is my first review of a Pasta, so don't get any high hopes.


The Arcade is one of my personal favorite Pastas, mostly because it isn't about lost episodes or video games. Sure, it takes place in an arcade, but 8-bit terror isn't a part of it. It is narrated by a teenage guy, and tells the story of him and his girlfriend's not-so-excellent experience when their favorite photo booth is shut down, and they try and find a new one to take pictures in. Seems stupid, I know, but it is a great Pasta if you're looking for a scare, and has a great creepy and sad ending. I have one complaint, though: The dude seems like a bit of a jerk at the beginning. I mean, the first two sentences say it all: "When I was in high school, my girlfriend and I would go to the mall a lot. It wasn't something I enjoyed very much, but it made her happy so I didn't complain. " What kind of guy doesn't want to hang out with his GF? Harsh, dude. Harsh. Despite the fact that this dude may or may not be a jerk, I give it a 10/10.

Want to read the Pasta? Go here: [1]

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