Hey my name is Jacob and when i was thirteen i was sent to group theropy because i used to light things on fire. And they were quiet the group. Roy was a sadist who often killed bugs by ripping there legs off section by section. Kevin to cuts himself and talk about seeing monsters. And there was Sarah she was a in to necrophila which does not surprise me since she seemed to actually think she was a vampire.

I still remember my first day in group I met all of them they had been in group way longer than me. And i remember the theropist he was an asshole and seemed to find some sick enjoyment out of our misery. Sometimes it seemed like he pumped us full of medicen jut to see what things we would say. Sarah seemed to have an obsession with zombie movies as she often told me about obscure titles. Roy would always be freaking out he had a really bad twitch and would useally talk about the monsters he saw. Abominations with bloodied faces and sharp claws but some would have doctor gear on. Kevin often showed up with sticthes and sometimes bleed all over himself.

There is one day that will foreve be burned into my brain. Roy was freaking out more than usual. He was franticly looking all around the room I tried to tell the Dr. Renalds but he kept sbelaming it on Roy's A.D.D. but it was something more i know it. He was too distressed and was chanting under his breath it sounded like a different lanuage. But before anyone could react he jumped up and started bashing his head against the wall. This started the anarchy Sarah ran up to dr. Renalds and punched him square in the jaw, and Kevin started biteing at his stitches getting blood everywhere. Me I just sat there in my chair as the people in the room all tried to kill each other.

I left one week later I dont know what has become of the others.