In this age of technology, things aren’t always what they seem. You can find out about anything you want with just the push of a button. Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, Wikipedia… all of these sites are sending and collecting data. Each day, people expose themselves, and each day; a little more is lost.

Every day, trillions of bytes of data are accessed, but not always by us. They are known as the watchers. The watchers aren’t satellites or phishing protocols, they are living beings; but that is our only similarity. They sit in silence, watching the world through our eyes. As our technology grew, so did their “eyes”.

It first started with our satellites. This gave them their first blotted views. Much like an infants, their vision was blurred and spotty, nothing more than flashes in the dark. As time moved on, we gave them more “lenses” to focus through. Now… their vision far surpasses anything that we can hope to achieve.

At first, they were content to just watch us from afar; they wanted to study us, learn our ways. As we moved from web generation to generation, we pulled farther and farther away from one another and allowed them to fill the gaps we left behind. While you may think they plan to control the world, you would be wrong. The watchers have no wish to control humans. While we have no idea what they want; this much we do know. They are content to view us from their hidden rooms. They are always watching.

Their “eyes” are limitless. It’s not just our networks and telecommunications that they can watch us through. Phones, internet, games, literature, cameras, anything people use to communicate; they watch. They know everything about us, from life to death.

Some have tried to contact them. Through email, letters, challenges and threats; nothing has worked. A few people have even ventured into the world to hunt for these beings; but none have returned. There is no stopping the watchers, for they have always been and always will be. --IdealWashington (talk) 05:57, April 13, 2014 (UTC)