'Omg I worked at nickelodeon and I saw a box of weird tapes so I stole them to watch them!'


I mean, there are like thousands of these pastas on here. Do you still were going to believe that? Come on, don't tell me there are thousand people who do the same job and get acces to tapes that are to shocking to show kids. Why on earth would nickelodeon make sick tapes of dead kids? And, even if they would, why wouldn't they destroy tapes that make people kill themselves? They would be screwed if police found out about tapes who were supposed to be shown to kids showing dead kids. A more realistic reaction is to destroy these so-called tapes and fire those sick people who make such a thing.

But yeah, that's in case if it WOULD be true. All those little kids on this site extremely shoked: Squidward suicide? Me crying! Searching for the real video on youtube, only finding one picture. So my question to you: Why on earth would you believe this shit?

I get really tired of yet another 'insider of the nickelodeon studios' writing a story of killing characters. The story is supposed to say that the people from nickelodeon are sick people. But they aren't, because they don't ever made up such sick things. The writers of the article did in fact......