I recieved few angry messages from moderators about my comments. Things I wrote in my blog are just my opinion. Yes, I already know I have another vision on the world. When everyone says right I say left. It's fine if someone doesn't agree with me, but I feel really attacked. I always get attacked in real life. You don't know anything about how I feel. Let's just say if someone is depressed, they don't really want to hear negative comments on things he/she put a lot of effort in.

But yeah, I feel now how I always feel; attacked by the rest of the world because of my diffrences. I've always had a strong opinion, and I've never been affraid to show it. You'd probably noticed it, so if I offended you: I'm sorry. It can sound a little arrogant. But that's because you're reading it: things can be found different than meant.

Over all I want to show you that I'm not very happy with the way people handled with me on this website. As many others probably would be, I'm not affraid to write it down here. Moderators threatened with a ban. I don't really care if I get banned for a month, I just wanted to let people know what I think about it. And I'm writing it for the people who recognise this. The diffrent but strong people. I may sound like an alternative politician, but it's just what I think: There should be a change. And I don't think you can get banned for sharing your opinion. Every opinion should be appreciated, how stupid it sounds. Everyone deserves a chance.

If I get banned, fine, ban me because I don't play a diffrent person on the internet. Ban me because of my opinion and my honesty. This might be the last words I wrote here for this month, but I can at least get banned because of how I really am and what I really want to say.