• ILikeReviewingThings


    I joined yesterday, but have read and listened to creepypasta stories, and have gained enough knowledge of creepypastas that are good and ones that are bad. I'll try getting to all creepypastas i've read, like the classic Smile Dog, BEN Drowned, and Squidward's Suicide. (All of which gave aged really badly.)

    A few creepypastas i've enjoyed in the past years are:


    Thats pretty much it, I really haven't read any as good as that one.

    So. When I do review, (probably 1 - 2 a day, due to mobile replying and commenting not working) i'll try to give each pasta a fair score, or if the creepypasta is so bad its in between trollpasta and shitpasta, I probably won't even bother.

    So yeah, thats me!

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