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Authenticity to magic (Magick)

I have been looking through a few texts into the occult in order to add a level of authenticity to magic (though each of these texts call it 'magick'). I find magic interesting (not sure if it works or not, add a personal story if you want) and the best way to add another level of authenticity, to the point where it "feels tangible", is to study it myself. However, upon readings real life magic does not seem very dramatic and also vague. I wrote a pasta called "The Torrents of 'Father K'" and bypassed the rituals itself with the protagonist not seeing it or unable to describe it (as he was going through a sort of PTSD). I would like to have a more detailed ritual but I'm having trouble.

I'd like to see some perspective on occult magic, whether one practices it or how one of you used it for a pasta or story. 

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