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What to do in case of a Slender Man Emergency

Please note this is a joke-type post, don't take it seriously. 1. Always bring a buddy. It's less scary when you have someone tagging along for the ride.

2. Never look behind you. Because he'll always be behind you, so just keep looking forward.

3. Bring a flashlight and extra batteries. You want to see where you're going at night, right? Make sure you can see! If your flash light is dying, replace the batteries quickly.

4. For the love of god, if you see pages hanging on the trees, don't pick them up. Slender Man worked hard on them.

5. Always bring $20. If he does cath you, you can always give him $20 to make him leave you alone

6. Make sure you have The $20 Song on your phone. Because Slender Man loooooooooves to dance.

7. Give Slender Man $20


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