1. For the love of god, don't look behind you.

2. Don't turn your flashlight off, it just makes it easier for Slendy to catch you. I mean, the guy has infra-red vision for god sake.

3. Don't run unless he's near you; he loves playing hard to get.

4. Don't play Red Light/Green Light with him; he takes that as a challenge.

5. Don't pick up random pages in the woods. Slendy worked all day to place those there to show off his artwork; the reason he's chasing you is because he want's his art back.

6. Don't go in the woods you idiot, he's after you!

7. Don't wear laced shoes; if you have to stop to tie your shoes, you're fucked.

8. Don't look at him for too long, you'll get sick and pass out.

9. Don't be fat, be skinny.

10. Don't do any of these things, and you'll be good!