Listen people, if you got personal problems, leave them out of the site, because no one will want to hear them. That's one thing I learned right off the bat...

I was being a complete douche and an idiot, I lashed out at an administrator (MooseJuice) because I was blocked for not updating the article listing.

Now, I got some personal problems I'm dealing with recently, so I was pretty pissed off at the time, but I'm not gonna get into that, because it's not worth talking about.

I made a really huge fucking mistake by lashing out at MooseJuice, who was honestly just doing his job. And people got pissed. Really pissed. So, again, to all people who saw that, and MooseJuice included, I am truly sorry, and nothing like that will ever happen again, I swear.

If you have problems, talk to someone; don't just post them on a site in which your problems are irrelevent to what the site posts. If there was a "Problemposting Wiki" or something like that, be my guest, but don't just post your problems like a complete fucking idiot.

Again, MooseJuice, I am sorry for what I posted, and it will never happen again.

-I am The Legend of Mario, adios.