So I'm here on this wiki, right? Catching up on my creepypastas. I'm reading two of the big ones, "funnymouth" and "Normal Porn for Normal People." (BTW - Cosbydaf is the most talented creepypasta writer out there.) Thing we need to establish first is that I'm a complete wimp. This is part of the reason why the Limp Bizkit creepypasta is more focused on a more Marilyn Manson kind of shock where the shocking event is elaborated on rather than elaborate on the building then deliver the final blow real quickly. (Although I think we both know I elaborate on everything in that thing.) So I got pretty paranoid by those two stories. Logged off, family's going for Mexican, everything would have been fine. Except I'm in my room, grabbing my coat, and my dad comes up to me and asks if I'm okay. He said I looked tired, and then he said my eyes were "all red." Now I'm freaked out of my mind. I look in the mirror, trying to be calm, and the redenning in my eye is totally non-impacting. There's some bright red in the bottom corner of my right eye but it's no big deal. I think something might be in it, it still feels sore but whatever. We go for Mexican and now I'm on the edge, just because of how eerily what my Dad said matched the creepypastas RIGHT AFTER I READ TWO OF THE BEST. So everything everybody said was either a sign to "run" (something ain't right here) or it was predatory. My mom's exaggerated facial expressions looked like screams of fear. Everything got better when I ordered the seafood platter with octopus, shrimp, moloscus, squid, the works. Everybody was freaked out by what I was eating and I turned the fear on them. In joyful fun. Then we watched Night of the Living Dead when we got home. Still...damn coincidinces man. Freaky shit. I hope I don't have "funnyeye."