Well, it happened again. Something relating to creepypasta happened to me.

A couple of nights ago I woke up at 2 A.M. I was nauseous and extremely nervous because I think I had accidentally pissed off somebody. The thought of suicide barely, and I mean barely entered my mind. (You know how we teenagers roll - "OMG I pissed off that girl I uzed 2 luv I'll nvr live!!") At the toilet the nauseousness faded. I started to realize that there was this rhythmic thump going on in the back of my head that I thought might have been going on all night. I listened in, and I got it. Four quarter notes, four eighth notes and two more quarter notes looping. My mind added the "missing frequencies" shall we say and I realized I had the Lavendar Town music playing in my head. There you have it, folks, Lavendar Town's music will cause physical sickness if you are 17 and stupidly paranoid.

I'm very happy with some of the recent changes to the Wikia. When I first got here at the beginning of the year (you can stop screaming "n00b" now) I was disappointed to see that Zelda, Poke, Lost and Spin pastas were banned. I completely understood why it was happening but it didn't make me happy. Still, the Spinpasta Wikia I'm betting will become extremely healthy over the years, with all the fanfic writers on the internet. HOWEVER...I am estatic about the new "Theory Pasta Wikia." Theory pastas are the bain of my existance. Seriously, every single one is exactly the same and they're not even that creepy. Head cannon =/= pasta no matter how depressing, it is fanfic. I'll leave them to their own stuff. If I'm not mistaken we have somehow been able to get rid of badges. I mean, I enjoyed the competition, but damn that is a huge overhaul and it'll probably end up being for the better. Admins are elite, users are users, there shouldn't be any point gaming. Ca$hman approves.

I just recently published a new story of mine, Water World: No Escape. I'm very happy about it. Now I'm debating with myself whether I will begin one pasta or another. One is a Land Before Time pasta, and the other is a "sequel." (LOLSkeletons facepalms here.) Comment if you want on which you want to see fleshed out first, otherwise I'll just argue with myself.

I, Da Ca$hman, singing off.