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Got the scare crapped out of me

So...y'all know about Dead Bart...and know...the story, in a certain way, centers around the oldest kid, and the only son, of an average white American family, being sucked out of an airplane window?

And you know how the Dead Bart Update shows that an epidemic broke out on June 6th, 2013, and Bart's death was precursor?

...Yeah. I'm the oldest kid of our family and the only son. And I was just on an airplane. And I go back home on June 6th.

I'm currently afraid for my life.

New pasta is about halfway done, not counting editing, but everything else should go relatively quickly. I gotta concentrate though, I gotta lot on my plate and I want to release this new pasta on, you guessed it, June 6th. Hopefully I don't DIE before then.

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