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    Things that I have heard

    October 31, 2011 by Hypnagogia

    ...Or read.

    (This is like one of my "Assorted" pages, but no little some copypasting, or clear memory.)

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    • ♦ I just happen to know this.

    • ♠ Someone posted in a 2008 SomethingAwful spooky thread about how he had a house with an invisible monster (which sounds to me like the Jersey Devil, only he never said anything about JD, nor did anyone else.) and although he never saw it, he just "knew" it was in his basement. He had no real reason to believe that, so he kept it to himself. When his girlfriend moved in, the basement freaked her out, and she told him that she "just KNEW" that there was a horse-man-bat monster in the basement.
      • I can't find it again. I hope someone salvaged it.
    • ♠ Someone in an SA spooky thread has…

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  • Hypnagogia

    90s PSA

    May 7, 2011 by Hypnagogia

    Once some time ago, in the early to mid-nineties, there was a creepy little PSA that I recall playing in between cartoons and shows like Sesamea Street. Other PSAs of the sort were noodly-legged cartoon animals singing a song about "be cool about fire safety". Pretty sure it was on PBS. The local channel is called Alaska One. I can't find info on this PSA at all.

    This PSA I'm trying to recall was about gun safety, and I recall seeing it more than once. It begins with wiggly-lined drawings resembling childish crayon doodles. The images would be static, but the lines were animated. The first image was of a smiley-faced little girl, and a sad boy's voice narrated. He began with "This is my sister."

    "She liked pink, dresses, and dolls" With imag…

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