So I've had two stories deleted just as I posted them recently.

Patchwork Alice was deleted way back in 2014, so I finished the final re-write recently (since the original was only written on this wiki) and uploaded it. It got deleted despite the comments which read "10/10 originality good story" and such.

Fair enough, it fell into the "Jeff the Killer" category, so I posted it onto the Spinpasta wiki where it's actually surviving.

So today I posted a newer pasta with a different approach entirely. It was original. It was written in the style of a journal. Originality was something I thought was key to survive on this wiki. Clearly not, the page got deleted again. By the same person who deleted Patchwork Alice...

I checked the quality standards and started to write a deletion appeal, but what's the point? The admins would find a loophole and deny the appeal like they did with everyone else's. I'll just post the story somewhere else where it won't be deleted for "not meeting quality standards".

Also, what the heck is with the blacklisted subjects? Me and my gf read them all together, and her response was what I was thinking: "What can we write anymore?". Fair words. If we can't do "lost episodes" - which are their own category of creepypasta - or we can't do "haunted gaming" or anything to do with killers, what can we write? Any killer is automatically Jeff inspired, lost episodes are "cliched", haunted gaming "isn't scary", and most irritating of all is the rules actually ban users from posting for certain franchises. It literally says "Roblox cannot be made scary". How do you know? One creative user could come along one day and write the scariest story ever. Maybe they haven't appeared yet, but you don't know. "Minecraft, Pokemon and Zelda" are banned. Okay, Pokemon is a little overdone, but I rarely see Minecraft or Zelda pastas besides the famous onces such as BEN DROWNED and Herobrine. 

So what can we do? I try to be original and it doesn't meet the standards somehow, and many other users have had the same problem. Has this wiki had a new line of admins take over or something? Whatever happened of letting the imagination run wild? Freedom to write? I don't feel like this wiki is giving us freedom anymore. 

Until this issue with too much oppression is sorted out, I'm going to post my stories to other sites where I know they won't get deleted.