Anyone that's heard of the SOPA and PIPA bills know what I'm talking about. Namely, the bills that will censor our internet as we know it, much like China. These bills can, as they say, "protect" our internet down to the level of DNS blocking. By protect, I mean completely strip down, and by DNS blocking, for all you people who aren't tech nerds out there, I mean completely wiping a site off the grid. As in, a site like Wikipedia or this very site we're on right now would cease to exist. For all the minecraft fans out there, and I know you are reading this, picture this. Yogscast, Seananners, CaptainSparklez would all cease to exist. Does that make you mad?! For all you Skyrim fans out there "don't really like the game, but you do, so whatever" picture the Skyrim wiki going down. All those funny people who commentate Skyrim games, gone. Possible jailed, Yogscast and Skyrim wiki-goers, for posting copyright-infringing content.

Let's talk about you. Would you imagine going to jail for posting that Skyrim easter egg you wanted to share with the world? Jailed for telling about that time you found 64 diamonds in one trip? SOPA and PIPA make it possible. SOPA and PIPA are perfect examples of companies throwing temper tantrums because of a few hundred thousand dollars lost. "Woah, wait a sec, Sonic. You never mentioned hundreds of thousands of dollars at loss." Well, the companies that ARE losing that amount of money are the ones that have over millions and millions in their budget. Those people who can buy a solid gold hot tub a mile across. For their pet whale shark. A prime example of "I have much and I want more!" Next time you post a creepypasta, or post a video of that reference to Majora's Mask in Skyward Sword, keep in mind that you might be jailed for doing those very things in the near future.