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  • Hydrokinetic

    Honestly, people, how pathetic do we have to be to have our life suddenly dependent on Twitter, Facebook, and cell phones?! My sister is ten years old, and every time I see her texting (I can't believe she even has a phone) her friend, who is sitting right next to her, I always slap the phone out of her hands. Seriously, it's a freaking PHONE! Not a laptop! You won't die if you go a single day without an iPhone!

    Phones were made with the intention of talking to other people from a distance. Talking to your grandmother in China. Nowadays, you have the iPhone and BlackBerry and such which surf the internet and text and check your Twitter and it's just ridiculous. It's a phone, not a goddamn laptop.

    Facebook. Stupid. Twitter. No one gives a dam…

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  • Hydrokinetic

    Anyone that's heard of the SOPA and PIPA bills know what I'm talking about. Namely, the bills that will censor our internet as we know it, much like China. These bills can, as they say, "protect" our internet down to the level of DNS blocking. By protect, I mean completely strip down, and by DNS blocking, for all you people who aren't tech nerds out there, I mean completely wiping a site off the grid. As in, a site like Wikipedia or this very site we're on right now would cease to exist. For all the minecraft fans out there, and I know you are reading this, picture this. Yogscast, Seananners, CaptainSparklez would all cease to exist. Does that make you mad?! For all you Skyrim fans out there "don't really like the game, but you do, so what…

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  • Hydrokinetic

    Seriously, guys.

    December 26, 2011 by Hydrokinetic

    Just saved two people from SloshedTrain's and ClericOfMadness's hammer of rage. Seriously, people, when you add pastas,

    1. Put some freaking effort into it. I just read, possibly the worst pasta that's not marked Horrible Troll Pasta (which I did.) Rugrats lost episode: tommys birth
    2. Seriously, use capitalization and correct spelling. That pasta up there could literally be improved upon tenfold by my 6-year-old sister. It looks like a freaking monkey wrote it.
    3. When you add pastas, I'm not gonna save you from Cleric and Slosh's hammer every time. I only helped these two guys out because I didn't feel like letting two guys get blocked and I was feeling generous. But from now on, when you add a pasta (I feel like this should be in big, bold, yellow, …
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