aka Wolf

  • I live in Underworld, not hell thats another place
  • I was born on November 7
  • My occupation is Stopping the darkness, saving people, wrestling at the underworld olympic death cage matches
  • I am Male
  • Hybridwolf77

    i wanna make a bunch of pastamonsters but their stories are cannon to each other (linked) also this probably wont be answered but does someone know an online realistic picture maker (i dont know how people do photoshop) or something?

    ps can u add the Undead category? you could have ghosts as a subcategory

    pss are creepypastas allowed here? nah just joking XD can you give me tips on making really good, scary, disturbing and possibly slightly (but not too much) disgusting? 

    btw i dont do maggots coming out of eyes thats just weird

    also i just want to add that crappy theorys like the avengers theory which I can't find (probably deleted XD)

    it made no sense saying that the hulk snapped a woman's neck then felt sad and thor died or something like th…

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  • Hybridwolf77

    i really need them for my pasta

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