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The Rake+Alien=Family

Okay, so, I believe in the Rake. I'm doing research (thank goodness I don't live near the woods), and in pictures, well, to me, he looks like an alien. His eyes are a bit slanted down in a big almond shape (in the pictures I have seen), (ex: \/), and they are all pure black; a bit obsidian. His face shape is very well proportioned. He has a very poorly and sickly body figure, as if he was starved for months. I believe in the Rake about ninety percent. It is a possibility, scientifically, that the Rake is another being from another planet. (ie: the Slender man.) Thank you for reading my weird conspiracy theory of the Rake. I do have some more, although I must gather my thoughts. Next, will be about the Slender man. Until next time Creepypastians...byeee!!  :D

HuntressNight22 (talk) 23:22, March 16, 2014 (UTC)HuntressNight22

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